I’m a complete klutz, and once broke my tail bone tumbling down a flight of stairs.  A friend recommend I try massage therapy to help ease the pain so I called up Dennis… The man is a consummate professional with magic hands, and I can’t recommend him enough.
— Claire F.
The first time I got a massage from Dennis, I met up with some friends after.  They asked me why I looked so freakin’ relaxed.  I told them it’s because Mr. Frymire got my muscles in order!  I have since referred at least three of said friends to him, and they have all found the experience entirely worthwhile.  Go.  Do your tired body a favor.
— Julie C.
Dennis always listened to what is going on with me and talks me thru any concerns I may have. He is attentive and always finds a way to get me into his busy schedule…Don’t neglect your body, it’s an important asset!
— Dana B.